Afraid OfEverest


Don Talos Jr. Photography 10 (1 of 1)The art of.. pleasure and travel, all around the world

Afraid OfEverest, so.. from Simleu straight to New York..

There is one girl, make’s me think that I am home

Just watching to her eyes, feel like crossing the whole world,

She’s that one in a million, telling me I’ll be fine..

Anything.. for stealing her a smile, feel like the world is mine !

And every single time..

When she come’s around, my heart beats with that kind..

Of speed of sound.

Girl, you amaze me

Girl, you are driving me crazy.

Feel like I’m loosing my mind, everytime when I read her rhymes

Why did you came into my life ?

Your face.. all can see my eyes

Your name.. all can think my mind

For your charm, there is no rhyme !

With a million of love stories like I wrote before

I just want to live with you, our love note

Me and you after the rain, me and you until the world ends !


Lyrics and photography: Taloş Darius.


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